[Hallc_running] (Not your usual) call for shifts for A1n/d2n in Hall C -- Limited Time Special!

Xiaochao Zheng xiaochao at jlab.org
Fri Feb 14 11:57:23 EST 2020

Dear All:

The cell swap from Dutch to BigBrother on Monday/Tuesday went really well, and BigBrother saw its first beam at 7:32am this morning. On the down side of things, I did some analysis of the shift schedule last night:

As of 8pm yesterday, there are still 99 owl, 108 day, and 90 swing shifts, or a total of 416 shift points to be filled. Using the 18 point requirement (for authorship on two experiments) or 12 points (for one), we need 23.1 new shift workers if each sign up for 18 or 34.7 shift workers if each sign up for 12.

The picture is clear: We cannot rely on existing shift workers to cover all the 416 empty spots. We need new collaborators!

Where can we find 23 or 35 new shift workers? Or, how can I, a spokesperson, convince others to join us?  Sure, A1n physics is great, but shift taking is time-consuming and budget-burning. I will not be able to convince three dozens of hard-working and sleep-deprived physicists to come take shift by jumping up and down or keep churning out "A1n newsletters" (which is basically what I have been doing).  The need for three dozen new collaborators means I have to change my strategy drastically.

So here we are, with permission from d2n lead spokesperson, we are rolling out a "limited time special":  If anyone new to A1n/d2n running (or those who have taken less than a couple of shifts) sign up for all required shifts within the next 168 hours, we will reduce our shift requirement to 14 shift credits for 2 experiments and 10 for one experiment.

14 shift credits = 7 owl shifts or 14 day shifts or 10 swing shifts
10 shift credits = 5 owl shifts or 10 day shifts or 7 swing shifts

Please email me if you plan to take this "special offer" so that I can have your name for special shift accounting.

(168 hours = 7 days = one week, so this offer will stay valid until 12noon Friday Feb. 21st.)

(not your usual) salesperson (I mean spokesperson) of A1n


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