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Fri Feb 21 18:10:02 EST 2020

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At today's RC meeting the general run plan for this weekend was laid out. We should continue production with longitudinal polarization until Saturday midday, whenever its time for a regular 5 hour NMR. Take the longitudinal NMR. Then switch to transverse and run that for 5 hours, taking an NMR at the end of that transverse running. Then switch back to longitudinal until further notice. Take an NMR signal every 5h (but don't take one at the start of this longitudinal running because we will have just taken one at the end of the transverse).

On Sunday we'll probably switch spectrometer momenta back to HMS/SHMS -3.5/-3.4 GeV. The angles don't change. Exact timing of this transition will come from Xiaochao through or together with the RC. Continue running longitudinal at the new momenta until further notice, taking NMRs every 5 h as usual.

Longer term: There will likely be a 4-hour-long down Tuesday morning for PSS work in the injector. We plan to take advantage of this by pumping the HMS & SHMS transfer line insulating vacuum, as well as the insulating vacuum on the Moller magnet. Then Wednesday we cool the Moller back down and do a Moller measurement on Thursday. Note that there will be a cessation of beam Wednesday morning for 3 hours for the accelerator safety stand-down (no hall access though during the stand-down).


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