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<p>Short message is that Accelerator is working some problems and beam will be delayed by at least a week to 10 days.   No word on extending the run schedule at this point, but it is on everyone's mind.  We'll likely need to see when we actually get rolling, and then work out when we'll end.</p><p>I'm cancelling shifts for the first week (until Day shift, Sunday Aug 2) for now.  We'll see how things progress next week.  Forth</p><p>We discussed Hall C's need to take our 1-pass data 10'ish days after the program is able to start.  This should not be an issue, but the detailed schedule will need to be worked out with Hall A (and OPS) when we get closer.</p><p><strong>Accelerator issues:</strong></p><ul><li>There have been a number of issues with frozen tuners in both the North and South linacs that required warming up cavities to boil off air-ice.  That seems to have resolved the problem in the SL, but questions remain in the NL.</li><li>One major!
  issue right now (compounded by the current heat wave) is overheating hardware in a number of service buildings coupled with a Chiller problem.  This basically put the restoration program on-hold as of late last week.  Facilities has been working on the chiller with Toshiba, and installing air conditioners in quite a few locations.  Some new parts arrived this morning and were installed.  So far, so good...</li></ul><p><strong>Hall C status:</strong></p><ul><li>Hall C and the Target are in pretty good shape.  Target tuning is ongoing, but we'll be ready to go.</li><li>We'll have an RC meeting at 4:15pm today (Wed) but, given the Accelerator schedule, there is no point in having daily meetings untill mid-next week (at the earliest).  Stay tuned.</li></ul>


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