[Hallc_running] JLab moving to 'MedCon6' (Lab shutdown)

Brad Sawatzky brads at jlab.org
Mon Mar 23 10:05:39 EDT 2020

Dear Collaborators,

It was announced at today's 8am Operations meeting that JLab will be
moving to 'MedCon6' this week.  Beam operations will end at 8am Tuesday
morning and the Lab will take steps to move systems into a stable state
that can be managed with a bare minimum of people on-site.

That means the d2n experiment will continue to take some optics data
up until the accelerator turns off tomorrow.  At that point our
experiment will be on pause.  Unfortunately it is not clear at this time
how long the operational shutdown will be maintained.

The spokespeople will continue to have discussions with Lab management
about when and how we can get rolling again.

I want to offer a special thank you to the students, postdocs, Technical
staff, RadCon, and other locals that worked so hard to execute the
target coil rotation, compass and field mapping, and target cell swap
this last week.  This was a huge, high intensity effort that would have
been very challenging at the best of times.  I am thoroughly impressed
by the dedication and professionalism that allowed this to be executed
so well, despite the personnel and logistical challenges imposed by the
mounting pandemic.

We will send out additional information to the Collaboration as we get
it.  A lot is still up in the air this point as the Lab tries to address
this rapidly changing situation.

FWIW, JLab has a COVID-19 information portal here with more (general)
information that may be of interest:

All the best,
-- Brad (on behalf of the E12-06-121 spokespeople too)

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