[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] Hall C RC Update: Friday, Dec. 17, 2021

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Fri Dec 17 08:45:02 EST 2021

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Mostly smooth running for the last day, completing the SHMS center, LH2, pi+ (Q2=6, W=2.4, low epsilon) running at 10:30 pm on swing shift. (20086 good pion events obtained).  Aluminum dummy running was complete by midnight, but the start of LD2 data-taking was delayed a couple hours due to issues with 1L18.  As of 6:30 this morning, we have 1944 good pion events.  Assuming no significant interruptions to data-taking, I estimate we'll complete running on LD2 sometime on the next OWL shift - at which time we'll move on to the SHMS left setting (SHMS angle=13.12 degrees).

There will be an RC meeting today at 10 am.

RC meeting bluejeans link:

RC meeting page:


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