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Thu Nov 4 13:45:01 EDT 2021

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I just spoke with Jay, and it would seem that the priority in Hall C when the work on Friday is finished is for accelerator to setup and establish the 5th pass beam to our Hall. This work would begin on Friday evening (after our Hall work is done) and would continue over the weekend to ensure that the RF and BLM trips are under control. 

Then we would be coming up on 3-pass beam for physics on Monday. 

It may be possible if things go extremely well ;-) that we could get physics 3-pass beam as early as Sunday sometime. 

For now, I'll take the optimistic (hopeful) route.... we cancel all SL shifts starting Friday day through Saturday swing. We should have a better idea on Saturday if we will need the shifts on Sunday (so please consider those on standby until Saturday with better information). 

TOs will be needed to be on shift throughout the weekend with the target in the Home position. 


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