[Hallc_running] Draft paper from the E12-15-001 (VCS) experiment

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Thu Apr 28 16:54:13 EDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

For people who are not on the hallc mailing list, decided to also send this message to hallc_running.

Please find attached the draft of the first paper from the E12-15-001 (VCS) experiment.

The experiment acquired data during the summer 2019 running period in Hall-C. It focused on the measurement of the electric & magnetic generalized polarizabilities of the proton,
on the spatial deformation of the quark distributions in the proton subject to the influence of an external EM field, and on the electric & magnetic polarizability radii of the proton.

The author's list currently reflects the group of people that contributed to the running of the experiment with shifts or as run coordinators, based on the authorship requirements.
If you have fulfilled the authorship requirements but your name does not appear in the authors list, please email the corresponding author so that we can update the authors list accordingly.

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions by Thursday May 12th. Following the end of the comment period, the paper will be submitted by Monday May 16th.

Kind regards,

and on behalf of the VCS Collaboration spokespersons.
Corresponding author email is sparveri at temple.edu
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