[Hallc_running] RC Meeting today at 11am

William Henry wmhenry at jlab.org
Sat Aug 6 10:15:38 EDT 2022


Beam was only available 10% of the time over the past three shifts.  Therefore let’s meet at 11am to discuss if we should request to move the pass change scheduled for Monday.

 The meeting information is below.



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Good morning,

The past 24 hours, ~70 uA beam has been on target 47% of the time and we continued taking at the central SHMS angle for the Q2=5.0, W=2.95, x=0.39, high epsilon setting. Since accelerator is doing RF recovery this morning, we went to restricted access and brought in the aerogel trays that will be installed next week. Heidi will also add some shielding around the magnet cryogen level sensors that have been causing us problems. As for next week, the pass change is scheduled for Monday and there will probably be a maintenance next Wednesday or Thursday.

There are several empty shifts coming up in the coming days. Please consider signing up here: . The openings are

Sunday, Aug 7th, DAY
Wednesday, Aug 10th OWL
Wednesday, Aug 10th DAY
Thursday, Aug 11th, DAY
Friday, Aug 12th, DAY

We will meet at 11am today.




Meeting ID: 160 710 0885 - Passcode: 595071

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