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Mon Aug 8 09:10:01 EDT 2022

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Another productive day of running since yesterday.  The Q2=3.85, W=2.62, high epsilon pi- running was completed near the end of swing shift last night, and the Q2=6, W=2.4, high epsilon, SHMS left pi- setting started on owl shift.  Rates were lower than predicted (~1700 pi-/hour) suggesting ~15 hours needed for just one SHMS angle.  At 7:15, the SHMS was rotated to the central setting - rates are a bit higher here (1857 pi- for a ~1 hour run), but due to the higher statistics goals, could take about 2 full shifts to complete.  We will discuss optimization of the remaining run plan (pi- production, optics, and Heep singles) at today's RC meeting.  In addition, we will discuss plans for 4 pass running (to start tomorrow) as well as the expected day for the aerogel change.

The RC meeting will be at 11 am this morning.  The zoom link is:


Connection information can also be found on the RC daily update page:



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