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Sat Aug 20 10:35:01 EDT 2022

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Just a quick update for today. 

Pretty good running overnight, the Q2 = 3.85, W = 2.62, low epsilon, LH2+ SHMS Left setting got finished, we have 6k pions here where our original goal was 10k. If we have time, we'll come back and run this again until we get 8k - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4031598

One slightly strange issue with the data for this setting is that after the HMS 3/4 run, PS6 was set to 1 (rather than -1). From what we can see, this shouldn't cause any issues (and indeed, is probably something Jacob will be interested in looking at) - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4031551

As a reminder, please double check the prescales when starting and stopping new runs.

Other than that, very uneventful, the crews moved on to the LD2+ version of the same setting, as of 10:30, this is just finishing up too. Again, we have a revised lower stats goal of 6k here.

The shift crew is rotating the SHMS for the central settings soon.

For the two central settings, we will aim to reach the original 10k stats goal. 

No meeting today, but I propose that we meet tomorrow at the usual time to briefly discuss progress and assess the 5.50 degree rotation timing.

Have a great weekend.


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