[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] Evening RC Update - Updated Plans- Choose your own Kinematics

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Sat Jul 2 21:35:01 EDT 2022

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A quick evening update -

We finished the Q2 = 6.00, W = 2.40 LH2 left setting at ~19:30 tonight. This is roughly 6 hours behind my original schedule.

We're on the central setting now, we got ~3.7k pions in an hour, so if things go well, we should finish this setting mid owl and get onto the LD2+ data taking. 

Dave and Garth discussed earlier on and decided that the high Q2 FF points are higher priority than some of the other points (as they're more sensitive to the higher beam energies). We will skip the SHMS right data points for the current Q2/W setting, this should save us on the order of a day. I've marked several other settings that we will skip in the run plan too. Due to the changes, the runplan is now like a very boring choose your own adventure book where you have a choice of option 1 or option 1.

As such, the plan would be to move onto the Q2 = 6.00, W = 3.19 pion form factor point (on page 64 of the run plan) we'll start with the central setting (SHMS = 7.65, which is on page 66) as the right setting here requires a hall access. This is a long setting, 19 hrs @ 100% efficiency with 80uA beam, so realistically, we will be here for multiple days with current beam conditions.

We will re-asses once we start taking data on this setting, since the rotation to 5.65 will require an access, we'll need to get a realistic estimate for the timing of this. My current estimate of 55 hrs is based upon the rough ~100 mC of charge we get per hour and the 5.5k mC target. Realistically, it's probably going to take longer but hopefully the access will fall during the second half of next week.

My new schedule is attached.


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