[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] RC report 07/26/2022

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Tue Jul 26 10:25:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
- Lost 4 hours yesterday morning diagnosing/fixing the SHMS drift chamber problem. This involved a controlled access (Ellen, Heidi) to check/cycle LV power supplies. The problem was finally traced to an ADC board; power cycling it returned things to normal.
- uneventful data taking since.
- Beam current (~65, with occasional drops to 40 as storms moved in during the afternoon) and stability (choppy) have not been great. 
- MCC tried for 70 uA; we got 3, maybe 5 min worth of that. They will keep looking into it.
***  RF recovery will occur on Th morning. ***
So non-critical activities in the Hall can be planned/scheduled for Th. morning. 

Let's have a brief RC meeting today at 11:00 AM EST.

Meeting ID: 160 710 0885 - Passcode: 595071


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