[Hallc_running] [Revised Logentry] RC Daily Update

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Tue Sep 20 10:25:01 EDT 2022

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With the small amount of beam obtained during Owl shift, we were able to complete the CaFe
mean-field kinematics (completed data on B-11 target) and switched the SRC kinematics and were
able to take ~40-min worth of data at 40-50 uA

An initial estimate for Ca-40 SRC kinematics was done, but will look at the full analysis (hopefully before RC update)
for more accurate rate estimate ---> https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4044348

Accelerator shut-off beam at 08:00 AM for RF recovery, and is expected to return hopefully in Swing Shift.
At that point, we will do Aluminum Hole check first, to verify beam position have not changed ( beam is centered )

Then we will resume Ca-40 data-taking, and the remaining targets (Ca-48, Fe-54, LD2, C12, Be-9, B-10, B-11)  at SRC kinematics 

We will have an RC meeting at 11 AM today. Here is how to connect:



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