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Sun Sep 25 10:00:02 EDT 2022

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<p>Welcome to RC summary September 25:</p><p>After the long downtime due to repairs of the capture at the injector, we got beam back around 1:30am. Harp scans and Al hole check looked good and we continued production on Fe54. MCC tried to push current as much as possible but it was only semistable around 45uA.  We hope we can push higher throughout the day.</p><p>So far we collected about 4-5k Fe events in SRC kinematics. The plan forward is to switch in 2h or so to Carbon. If the rate estimates are correct we should end with Carbon by Swing shift (goal 5K events) and continue on the B targets during Owl shift (5k each)</p><p>We will NOT have an RC meeting today.</p><p>Best,</p><p>Florian</p>


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