[Hallc_running] RC summary September 27

Douglas Higinbotham doug at jlab.org
Tue Sep 27 10:43:37 EDT 2022

We still need a couple shift workers for the CAFÉ extension, so if you can take one more shift it would be greatly apricated.


The good news in the last 24 hrs is the fact it looks like the 48Ca target is now clean and the H signal is gone; so likely the oil that is used to protect the target during installation just hadn’t burned off yet, BUT now looks great.

There was not much beam overnight, so little progress on the main program.    The current plan is to quickly get some limited stat. on the Be and B targets and at today’s 11am decide on which targets to get additional data.   We likely will not take SRC on the deuteron target, but that is another item to discuss today at 11am via zoom:

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