[Hallcsw] Summary of April 3rd meeting

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Tue Apr 3 14:54:40 EDT 2012

The agenda for the meeting is at

John Arrington put together slides of Analysis workflow for the 12 GeV 
software review. It is just the start to get the ball rolling.
They are available on the agenda page.

I have put together a draft of a Research Management Plan that Rolf 
wanted to have for the 12 GeV software review. It is available on
the agenda. Please take a look and send comments to me. I started with
what Gabi and Steve had put together on slides.

Ole suggested that it would be possible to modify classes such
as THaSpectrometer, THaScintillator etc to make them independent of
hall and change the name. He suggested a separate meeting with
the experts to discuss implementation.

Steve said that he would work on making a Hall C style hitlist
which would be a set of methods for the general Detector base class.
He would try to have it ready by next meeting.

Vardan is working on documenting the calorimeter sections of the Fortran
code. He will present his work at the next meeting. Simon has been 
working on the calorimeter in the C++ code.

The next meeting will be April 17th at 1pm in B101.


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