[Hallcsw] Summary of the Aug 7th hall C 12 Gev software meeting

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Wed Aug 8 17:13:56 EDT 2012

Summary of Aug 7th meeting

0) Steve mentioned that Gabi's student has been working on documenting
   the HMS TOF code in the Fotran analyzer.

1) Ole discussed which aspects of the Hall A C++ code could
be updated that overlap with Hall C. Out of this come some 
areas that could be worked on:
   a) decoder : 
      Presently hardcoded which makes it difficult to
      add new modules. Like to make it more "plug-in"
      and object oriented. Ole was already working on this
      and will look to Steve for suggestions from Hall C
      perspective. Also how to generalize to account for 
      the new Flash ADC was discussed. 
   b) database : 
      The database code is setup to read from Hall A style text files.
      But in general the code is set up so that the way one has
      a database ( text file, mysql or something else) is invisible
      to the rest of the code. Steve is looking into
   c) event loop and event types : 
      Steve was going to look into the event loop

2) Brad reported that there were difficulties getting GIT going
   at JLab with the IT group. There is a possibility the JLab
   itself would go with github . 

3) Simon discussed that he had gotten agreement in the HMS calorimeter
   raw data between the Fortran and C++ code. He did cuts on thresholds
   and event types by hardcoding. He will start working
   on getting the pedestal and threshold in the C++ code and using
   them in the C++ analysis. 


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