[Hallcsw] Summary of May 29th 12 GeV hall C software meeting

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Fri Jun 1 15:11:49 EDT 2012

Next meeting June 12 1pm in B101

1) Discussed the milestones in the  Research management Plan for the 
Hall C 12 GeV software at:

If you have comments on the milestones please send them to

2) Presentations for the 12 GeV software review are available

The review is June 7 and 8.
Comments on the presentations send to Steve, Gabi or me.

3) Discussed what people are involved in.
Ed Brash has a student working on Fortran analyzer
documentation. Gabi has a student working on Fortran analyzer
documentation. Pete said that he would have a student working
on the Fortran analyzer documentation. Simon will be at JLab
soon and continue to work on the calorimeter in the C++ code
with Vardan.

4) Plan for next meeting to have a short tutorial
on Git, version control system, to encourage people to
use it. Steve and/or myself will give it. I found the
online book (http://git-scm.com/book ) to be a good introduction.

                                 Mark (jones at jlab.org)

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