[Hallcsw] Summary of May 1st 12 GeV hall C software meeting

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Wed May 2 17:09:16 EDT 2012

Next meeting will be May 15th.

1) Steve discussed his updates to the fledgling C++
Hall C analyzer, "hcana". He has an example for
reading in the Hall C style parameter files and
detector maps for an old daq04 run and printing out
the raw hodoscope data. After talking with Ole , Steve modify
the code so that one didn't need the latest ROOT version.
So it now compiles and runs on JLab ifarml64.

The instructions for updating your git repository
and running the code are at

The instructions
for starting from the beginning and
getting  the code are at

The instructions for compiling the code are at

2) We discuss the upcoming JLab 12 GeV software review which will be
June 7-8 that covers all Halls. The agenda and charge are available at
There is a 30min morning talk for Hall C that will be split by Steve and 
Mark. The afternoon break session for Halls A/C
will have a 20min talk by each hall and Gabi will give the Hall C

Later that afternoon Steve and I meet Rolf and others involved in
the review to discuss outlines of the talk. From that discussion it
seems that the afternoon talk will be 20min but need to be
prepared with slides for detailed questions. Steve is working on 
modifications to the outline and the talks.

3) We discussed summer students working on the software. Gabi
has an undergrad student. If you have students for the summer,
we can try and figure out a way to involve them with the software


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