[Halld-cal] Inspection of boxes received, cracked bins

Elton Smith elton at jlab.org
Fri Dec 21 11:46:35 EST 2012

Hi Francisco and Will,

Yesterday I opened the boxes that we received this week. The cardboard 
boxes did not seem mistreated on the outside. However, there were busted 
bins in both boxes. I have attached photos showing two plastic bins from 
one box and one bin from the second. I have not unwrapped the light 
guides, but it does not look like any of them were damaged, as they are 
individually wrapped also. I assume the damage happened in transit by 
dropping and/or applying undue pressure on the sides of the boxes.

It would be wise to try to add some stiffeners on the width of the box, 
so that if the boxes are compressed the top of the boxes do not have to 
carry the force. There may be room at the either end of the box or else 
plates at the base and top of each layer of bins that can sustain forces 
during transport. It may be that the tops are brittle and simply crack 
when the box is dropped or compressed. Other suggestions to ensure the 
safety of the contents are of course welcome.

Happy Holidays and New Year.

I will be out of the office till after the new year. Cheers, Elton.

Elton Smith
Jefferson Lab MS 12H5
12000 Jefferson Ave STE 16
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 269-7625
(757) 269-6331 fax

On 12/19/12 5:05 PM, Elton Smith wrote:
> Dear Francisco,
> Today we received another shipment of 400 light guides.
> Gracias y prospero Año Nuevo!

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