[Halld-cal] Readout meeting tomorrow?

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Hi Christine,

 Elton was back briefly last week, but is gone on vacation this week so if he hasn't responded to you, that is why. I did not speak with him specifically about this, but I was under the impression from his June 5th e-mail there were no more pending issues at the moment and that everyone was in agreement on the two items he specifically mentioned. However, if there is still some question regarding approval then we may have to wait until he returns next week.


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Dear all,
Indeed we are busy with procurement and we discussing how to set up the 
testing.But we are still missing a confirmation from Elton of the latest 
mail of Kappos about the placement of the connector on the cNTL board.I 
hope he does it soon after he returns (although he will hav ethousands 
of things to tie up!).
On 11/6/2012 7:18 μμ, Zisis Papandreou wrote:
> Hello all:
> Elton is still away and I am on the road (CAP Congress in Calgary).   I also know that Athens is busy with procurement.  So unless I hear a strong desire from USM to present something tomorrow, I propose that we cancel that meeting.  We can pick up threads during the Calorimetry Meeting next week, or of course during the next Readout meeting, when we hope to review the SiPM noise&  PDE versus over bias as well as other progress.
> Cheers, Zisis...
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