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Subject: 	Hall D Cable Assignment
Date: 	Sat, 24 Mar 2012 16:16:33 -0400
From: 	Fernando J Barbosa <barbosa at jlab.org>
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CC: 	Eugene Chudakov <gen at jlab.org>, "Fernando J. Barbosa" 
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Hi all,

We need to finalize the cable assignment in preparation for cable
bundling, testing and installation in Hall D. Specifically, I need to
know from you, those responsible for sub-systems/detectors, which cables
get connected to which detector elements and to which
racks/crates/modules. Please also consider which cables need to be
routed to favor trigger formation, if applicable. This information
should be generally in the following form:

Detector-Detector Element-Cable Label-Rack-Crate-Slot.

In other cases, such as controls, there will be instances of cabling
from a particular unit in a rack to another rack.  In either case,
please provide me with an xlsx file for each of your sub-systems.

I have attached two pdfs: Cable Labeling contains the labeling norms we
agreed to some time ago; Cable Labels contains the official labels that
were sent to the cable vendor at the time of award. GlueX-doc-1452
contains all the information on racks in the hall.

I need to have this information by April 27 because cable preparation
starts in May.

Thanks for your attention and best regards,

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