[Halld-cal] Correct values for NSA/NSB

Michael Staib mstaib at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 29 13:55:58 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I have pushed a branch to Github, called f250_NSA_NSB, that grabs the correct values for NSA and NSB from the flash registers when the BOR record is available. My thoughts are to leave the code on a branch for now until calibration constants are ready for the fixed values. 

In case you are unaware from previous meetings, it was found that NSB = 0 is an invalid setting on the current version of the f250. For the BCAL, the configuration file had NSB = 0 and NSA=26, FCAL, NSB = 0 and NSA=15, so we were subtracting off 26 and 15 samples of pedestal, respectively. In reality, on the flash NSB was being forced to 1. The new code will correctly subtract 27 and 16 samples from the BCAL/FCAL by grabbing these values from the registers. This will obviously cause some small shift in the energy calibrations.

If you think I should just pull the fix into the master branch, let me know.
Michael Staib
Graduate Student, Dept. of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University
mstaib at cmu.edu
phone: 412-268-2983

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