[Halld-offline] genr8 software request

Kei Moriya kmoriya at indiana.edu
Thu Dec 2 16:45:13 EST 2010

Dear Offliners,

I have been working on the Hall D simulation packages,
and have encountered an issue with genr8, and was wondering
if anybody could help me.

The issue I encountered is that the seed used for the
random generator in genr8 is the current time,
so if the program is run consecutively within the same
second, the generated result is exactly the same, and I end
up with several copies of the same files.

I think that the use of the current time should be avoided,
not just because of the behavior above, but also because
it becomes impossible to reproduce the same file at a later
time if necessary.

I think passing the seed in as another runtime parameter
to genr8 would require only a few lines of extra code.
Could somebody do this for me, or point me to how to update
the program myself?

Thanks in advance.

	Kei Moriya

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