[Halld-offline] changes to the xstream package

Mark M. Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Feb 9 09:03:39 EST 2010


In consultation with Richard, I've made three changes to the xstream 
package, to eliminate the duplication of header files in the subversion 

1) Delete xstream.h and the directory xstream from src/include (this 
directory itself contains many header files).

2) Change the makefile in src/external/xstream/src to use the local 
versions of the header files, i. e., those in 
src/external/xstream/include, to compile. These are identical to the 
ones deleted in step (1).

3) Install (as part of "make install") the header files in the 
"standard" area, i. e.,  $HALLD_HOME/include/xstream.h and the directory 
$HALLD_HOME/include/xstream/ (this step was actually done last week).

This change is intended to make no changes in any program. It is only in 
the structure and build details; the code itself for all programs in the 
tree is intended to be identical to the old structure. The only 
potential (and unintended) change that I am aware of would be in 
programs that use the libxstream.a object library. My understanding is 
that that is limited to xml-hddm and hddm-xml.

These changes were committed in revision 5995.

   -- Mark

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