[Halld-offline] Is HALLD_HOME in your path?

Mark M. Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri May 21 15:38:58 EDT 2010


I've checked in the change that I mentioned a couple of days ago (see 
below). I did not receive any objections.

For the makefile in question, that in sim-recon/src/libraries/HDDM, I 
also put in a check suggested by Matt Shepherd. The makefile will check 
the path and if hddm-c is _not_ found, exit with an error and a terse 
but not completely cryptic message.

   -- Mark

On 05/19/2010 03:58 PM, Mark M. Ito wrote:
> Offline Software Builders,
> I was thinking about a change to the makefile for
> sim-recon/src/libraries/HDDM when I realized I might want to ask people
> the question:
>     Is HALLD_HOME in your PATH?
> The proposed change is remove the path specification from an invocation
> of hddm-c (see below). If the path is removed that allows the
> possibility of using a different version of hddm-c rather than that in
> HALLD_HOME. But it will break any builders that don't have a version in
> their path at all, thus the question.
> I had this on the offline meeting agenda yesterday, but we did not get
> to it.
> If I don't hear any objections, I will go ahead and check in the change
> sometime in the next few days.
>     -- Mark
>      ---------svn diff output below this line-------
>   >  svn diff libraries/HDDM/Makefile
> Index: libraries/HDDM/Makefile
> ===================================================================
> --- libraries/HDDM/Makefile     (revision 6389)
> +++ libraries/HDDM/Makefile     (working copy)
> @@ -17,4 +17,4 @@
>           make -f Makefile.static pristine
>    hddm_s.h hddm_s.c: event.xml
> -       $(HALLD_HOME)/bin/$(BMS_OSNAME)/hddm-c $<
> +       hddm-c $<
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