[Halld-offline] requesting a grid certificate for yourself

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Wed Dec 19 15:40:38 EST 2012

Hello offliners,

Here is a link to the web page of instructions for how to request a DOE personal certificate.  You can use this certificate to access the services of the open science grid, including accessing the data from the recent data challenge that are provided online from the SRM at UConn.


The process requires that you have a sponsor, and that you are independently reviewed by a security-enhanced person known as a "RA". *For this application, you can enter me as your sponsor (as OSG contact person for the Gluex VO) and Sandy Philpott as your RA. *Sandy says that she will consider an application from anyone who has a valid Jlab computer account.  If you have never gone through this process, now would be a good time.  The certificate you get will be good for one year and can be renewed automatically online each year, provided you don't let it expire.

-Richard Jones
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