[Halld-offline] Update on the software review in June

Eugene Chudakov gen at jlab.org
Thu Jan 19 13:14:58 EST 2012

On Jan 18 there was a meeting with Bob McKeown, Rolf Ent, Chip Watson
and the hall leaders in order to discuss the software review. Chip
Watson presented his view and replied to questions.

The review is scheduled for June 7-8. The goal is to review the
readiness for the 12 GeV program.

The charge to the Lab (and us) is to have the software ready by the
start of operations. The software development should not delay the
processes of data taking, calibration, event reconstruction, the
physics analysis etc. One can refer to the LHC (second) start in 2009
or so.

The approximate agenda is as follows:

a) Introduction to 12 GeV

b) Presentations by the halls:

    - the goals, the set of detectors, DAQ rates etc...
    - The software structure for data processing, for each
      item - the responsibilities, manpower, the level of completeness,
      performance (efficiency, noise, time per event),
      the development phases, the milestones etc,
    - computing resources needed

c) Presentation by other groups: DAQ, Scient. computing, Lattice...

My guess we will have about 1.5h.

The charge to the reviewers is still under development. From the
Chip's presentation and the discussion followed I would expect to see
a high level of abstraction. There is at least one concrete guidance -
provide the management info: FTEs, names, MOUs etc. To some extend the
emphasis will depend on the reviewers and the chairman - what they
would try to probe beyond seeing a collection of checkboxes.


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