[Halld-offline] tagged release for the data challenge

Mark M. Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Oct 19 14:48:30 EDT 2012


I've just identified versions of software for use in the upcoming data 
challenge. The URL's are:

for HDDS: https://halldsvn.jlab.org/repos/tags/hdds-1.3
for sim-recon: https://halldsvn.jlab.org/repos/branches/sim-recon-dc1

I put the sim-recon stuff on a "branch" since I anticipate we will want 
to do some adjustments before saying "go!" (perhaps not, but maybe). 
When we do go, we will make a copy in tags first.

The sim-recon is based on revision 9772 of the trunk. This is after 
restoration of the old BCAL format, and after some changes by Paul that 
affect REST format. It pre-dates changes by Yi to the Cerenkov code.

Interested parties should check-out and build this version and report 
any problems they find.

   -- Mark

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