[Halld-offline] user_ana on centos62 with svn/scons

Paul Mattione pmatt at jlab.org
Mon Apr 22 14:27:33 EDT 2013

Ooops, sorry, just realized I sent this to hall-D instead of hall-B.  Nevermind!!!

 - Paul

On Apr 22, 2013, at 2:25 PM, Paul Mattione wrote:

> Has anyone gotten an svn/scons build of user_ana to work (meaning: both compiled & run successfully with meaningful output) on simulated data on ifarm1102 (either a 32- or 64-bit build is fine)?  I tried searching the CLAS6 offline software wiki page and did not see any documentation/details on the currently existing builds.  
> I have tried many different svn/scons builds and they do not work on my (old, previously working) MC tcl file, whereas the current ifarm1102 g14 make build works just fine on it.  The farthest I get on the svn/scons builds is that the cooking pauses during reading the tcl file, giving the user a prompt and expecting more input for some reason.  In addition to my own (g13), the attempted builds include (all within /group/clas/builds/): 
> test3
> 64bit (is this an ifarm1101 build?  It is unclear.)
> 2012.12.20_10.42 (ifarm1101 or ifarm1102?)
> centos62 (In addition, neither environment file has the correct $PREFIX assignment)
> Am I using the wrong build(s)?  If user_ana for these builds does indeed work, can someone send me a proven, working tcl file and full environment for them so I can try to diagnose what might be different between the make & scons builds of our software?  
> I realize that everyone is busy with CLAS12, but CLAS6 software still needs to be supported.  Why hasn't fsgen been integrated into svn/scons yet?!?!?  I asked for this many months ago and it still isn't available.  
> Thanks.  
> - Paul
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