[Halld-offline] access to jlab-resident data-challenge data

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Sat Jan 5 11:49:48 EST 2013

Hi Mark,

Of these files on /volatile, I see that there are ~750 that are truncated or corrupted in some way.  I am in the process of collecting all of the jobs (both at Jlab and UConn) that completed successfully and staging them on SRM.  When I am done, I will pass you a list so you can pull the lot to jlab and stick them into mss.  Instructions for accessing the files on SRM are on the wiki at the page below.


-Richard J.

On 1/3/2013 11:36 AM, Mark M. Ito wrote:
> First let me stress that these are stop-gap instructions. I am still
> trying to figure out the srm, etc....
> There are about 19,000 rest format files at jlab in the directory
>     /volatile/halld/home/marki/proj/dc_01/rest
> for anyone who wants to take a look. This is about 900 million events
> using 1.7 TB. Each file is about 100 MB. You must be on a farm or ifarm
> node to see the disk.
> Any member of the "halld" group should be able to read them. (If not,
> let me know.)
> Also note that all of these files have been backed-up to tape. So the
> "volatile" thing is not as scary as it sounds.

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