[Halld-offline] changes to the TAGM channel numbering scheme

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Fri Aug 1 18:45:27 EDT 2014

Hello Mark and all,

As we finalize the assembly of the tagger microscope, we need to update the
translation tables with the identifiers of the channels that are actually
being connected to the DAQ inputs. After speaking with David, I checked out
the latest copy of the tt_xml translation table from ccdb, made the
appropriate changes, and checked it back in with a brief comment. To do
that, I fetched a copy of the add_custom_data.py script found in the
TranslationTable package, and ran it from the machine ifarm1101. This seems
to have worked. However... words on the wiki suggests that I have been
naughty -- note the exclamation point below.

 [quoted from https://halldweb1.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Translation_Table]
*It is important to emphasize that the above mentioned SQLite file should
be maintained as the definitive source of TT information, even for the
offline software. If a change needs to be made, it should be made to that
file and then regenerate the tt.xml file from that. Don't just modify a
tt.xml file downloaded from the CCDB and reinsert it!*

Modifying the mysql db is one thing; checking changes into a project with a
name like "/trunk/controls/epics/..." sounds like it is a bit above my pay
grade. Should I really be fiddling with that?  Maybe one of you could
manage the updating of the definitive copy from the one I just checked into
ccdb? Should we have a policy regarding this? I can imagine that detector
channel -> DAQ input maps might change frequently during the initial
period, as we try to get things set up and working properly.

-Richard Jones
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