[Halld-offline] broken cull events?

Matthew Shepherd mashephe at indiana.edu
Thu Aug 7 13:38:13 EDT 2014

Hi David (or anyone else who can help),

I'm trying to fetch a single event from the DC2
rest files and having trouble getting it to work.
I'm using the latest tagged release of sim-recon
and the recommended versions of software for
that release.

I read the help and ran the command:

 hddm_cull_events -E8252 -oevt8252.hddm -r dc2_100k/dana_rest_09002_3000410.hddm

This produces a file:  evt8252.hddm that is of non-zero size.

-rw-r--r-- 1 mashephe iu  12405 Aug  7 13:36 evt8252.hddm

When I try to run hd_dump on that file I see:

mashephe at stanley> hd_dump -A evt8252.hddm 
Opening source "evt8252.hddm" of type: REST
Launching threads .

No more event sources
Thread 0x7f2ffaf5d700 completed gracefully
Merging thread 0 (0x7f2ffaf5d700) ...
Merging event reader thread ...
 0 events processed  (0 events read) Average rate: 0.0Hz

Running my processor or the hdview over the
event also doesn't produce any output.

Any suggestions on how to debug/fix?


Matthew Shepherd, Associate Professor
Department of Physics, Indiana University, Swain West 265
727 East Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405

Office Phone:  +1 812 856 5808

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