[Halld-offline] REST Format Minor Changes, Versioning?

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Fri Dec 19 11:16:15 EST 2014

Hello Paul,

I suggest the following strategy for incremental evolution of the REST

   1. If all you are doing is adding new information without changing the
   meaning of the existing tags in the hddm data model (rest.hddm file),
   create a subtag to hold the new information, and set minOccurs="0" on that
   subtag. A subtag is a tag that sits inside the prior tag that it modifies,
   and the prior tag becomes the enclosing element. This way when you go to
   read old data files, the subtag will simply be absent, but the library will
   read it anyway.
   2. If you want to actually replace an old tag with a new way of
   representing the same information, or change the number or meaning of an
   existing tag, add a new tag with a different tag name. For example, you
   could change BCALshowers to BCALshowersRPhi or BCALshowers_v2. If you set
   minOccurs="0" on both the new and old tags, then the library will be able
   to read files with either type of tag. Of course the DEventSource
   implementation will have to support unpacking the information from either
   type of tag and populate the JANA object appropriately. If this is not
   possible because the JANA object now needs some of the new information then
   I suggest that you follow method (1) above, and add the new information as
   a subtag of the old one. If the new information is not available because
   the REST file is an old one, you have to decide how to configure the JANA
   object to fill in the missing pieces.

Either way is fine with me, but I think that method 1 is the cleaner of the
two. If some of the new information replaces what the original tag was
supposed to convey, you can add a comment in the xml source to the effect
that "this subtag when present overrides the 'x' and 'y' attributes of the
parent tag."

-Richard Jones

On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 10:18 AM, Paul Mattione <pmatt at jlab.org> wrote:
> I've made some minor changes to the REST format:
> 1) Breakup BCAL / Track DOCA into delta-phi and delta-z components
> (significantly different dependence)
> 2) Breakup TOF / Track DOCA into delta-x and delta-y components (can be
> significantly different (e.g. single-ended paddles))
> 3) Include TOF point "Status" (convolution of which bars were hit, and
> which ends had hits > threshold energy)
> These changes are important for evaluating the quality of the hit / track
> matching, evaluating whether "neutral" showers might instead be parts of
> hadronic showers, and for matching tracks to TOF hits that don't have
> well-defined positions (e.g. hits in single-ended paddles that don't match
> to the other plane).
> However, these changes break backwards compatibility.  So you'll no longer
> be able to analyze (e.g.) Data-Challenge-2 data with code versions from
> here on.  These changes needed to be done eventually though, and I thought
> it was important to do them now, before we create any official REST skims
> of the commissioning data.
> Maybe we should start specifying/using different versioning for the REST
> files ... Richard, is this possible?  If you could give me some
> instructions and sample code early tomorrow, maybe I can implement this
> before we launch ...
> - Paul
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