[Halld-offline] Data Challenge studies update

Kei Moriya kmoriya at indiana.edu
Mon Feb 17 09:45:07 EST 2014

I updated the results of my study at the previous Data Challenge page

There is a link "updated studies" where I show results of
follow-up studies I did to answer questions raised during my
previous talks. The main questions were:

1. does changing my jana, sim-recon version to the DC2 official
jana.0.7.1p01 result in more crashes? -> NO

2. Are there many tracks lost at low angle? -> NO, the losses seem
to be more at higher angles.

3. How are the # of CDC, FDC hits affected by EM bg?
-> Less counts in the large peaks that are seen without EM bg,
distributions are skewered towards higher hit rates.

If there are any further questions, please let me know.


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