[Halld-offline] Fwd: how to make evio files from simulation

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Wed Sep 17 14:21:46 EDT 2014

Hello Matt and all,

*A quick start guide*
See http://zeus.phys.uconn.edu/halld/tagger <goog_2001068818>
particularly the run scripts therein.

   1. run_bggen.sh
   2. run_hdgeant.sh
   3. run_mcsmear.sh
   4. run_rawevents.sh
   5. raw_danarest.sh

To create and test a evio file, create a work directory and copy these 5
scripts from the above web folder into it, plus the input control.ini file
that goes with them. Then run the 5 scripts listed above without arguments,
in the order given. The last step just shows how to read the evio file and
make an analysis on it.

-Richard Jones
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