[Halld-offline] F1TDC Timing, CCDB

Paul Mattione pmatt at jlab.org
Mon Apr 6 18:44:38 EDT 2015

I've recently made changes to how the F1TDCs are handled during reconstruction. Instead of being compared to the trigger reference signal, we're comparing them against the global system time available on each ROC (trigger interface (TI) time).  I think this change caused the overall timing-offsets to be shifted out of line.  Once everything is confirmed to be OK, Mike will recalibrate these offsets.  

Also, earlier today I changed the RF constant tables in the CCDB, so if you're using the very-current trunk you need to make a new copy of the sqlite file.  I will be adding some more constants sometime in the near future (offsets for each RF signal), so if you get errors in the future about not finding RF constants, just update your CCDB sqlite file.  

 - Paul

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