[Halld-offline] SWIF and hdswif

Kei Moriya kmoriya at jlab.org
Tue Aug 11 09:07:25 EDT 2015

Dear all,

I have been working with Chris Larrieu in the JLab
Scientific Computing group on SWIF, a tool that he is
developing for smoother job submission to the JLab farm system.

SWIF can be used as a stand-alone tool and users can check
its features by typing
swif help
into an ifarm terminal.

The main advantages of SWIF are
* a more intelligent submission engine that takes into account
   the staus of the tape retrieval system
* much quicker batch submission of jobs
* more feedback on submitted job status
* resubmit features which allow modification of failed jobs

I have also developed a wrapper around SWIF that allows for
easier job submission for the general Hall D user.
The package can be found in the svn repository at

There is a pdf manual which should explain most of the features
of both swif and hdswif, and I plan to give a talk at tomorrow's
calibration meeting based on this.

Feedback and questions on both SWIF and hdswif are very welcome.


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