[Halld-offline] Mismatch of number of events passed to MergeObjLists Exception

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Mon Jan 5 11:15:14 EST 2015

Hi Offliners,

  I’ve received a couple of reports about errors containing lines similar to the ones below when processing
commissioning data. This problem seems to be hardware related. A single fADC125 module for the CDC
occasionally had a flaky bit 19 in the itrigger value it reported. This causes the code to treat it as a separate
event, thus the mismatch in “events" coming from this module compared to all others. As such, the error message 
is actually valid and correct. This issue can be ameliorated by setting the configuration parameter EVIO:ENABLE_DISENTANGLING
to “0”. e.g.


This only works for files taken with CODA block level=1. For all useful commissioning data this was the case.

We can discuss how best to handle these types of errors since automatically suppressing them is not really 
good. However, specifying the above often can be a bit annoying too. Suggestions are welcome.

Mon Dec 22 18:56:12 2014 # thr=139666653529856 # --- EVIO ---: Mismatch of number of events passed to MergeObjLists. Throwing exception.
Mon Dec 22 18:56:12 2014 # thr=139666653529856 # --- EVIO ---: Nevents1=1  Nevents2=2
JANA ERROR>>Exception thrown from ParseEVIOEvent!
JANA ERROR>>?JException:    code = 0    text = Number of events in JEventSource_EVIO::MergeObjLists do not match!
JANA ERROR>>Stack trace:
JANA ERROR>>   jana::JException::getStackTrace(bool, unsigned long)
JANA ERROR>>   jana::JException::JException(std::string const&)
JANA ERROR>>   JEventSource_EVIO::MergeObjLists(std::list<JEventSource_EVIO::ObjList*, std::allocator<JEventSource_EVIO::ObjList*> >&, std::list<JEventSource_EVIO::ObjList*, 


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