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Subject: 	[Jlab-scicomp-briefs] CentOS 6.5 farm14 Haswell nodes in 
production - adds ~2500 cores
Date: 	Mon, 12 Jan 2015 09:37:46 -0500 (EST)
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Hello All,

JLab's Experimental Physics' batch farm CentOS 6.5 nodes are now in 
production service; this brings the batch farm to almost 4000 
cores.Please plan your move to this updated environment; the current 
1400 core CentOS 6.2 environment will be migrated by summertime to run 
6.5.  Over the coming year, we will also begin testing with CentOS 7 for 
future use.

The CentOS 6.5 interactive system for users is available via the alias 
"ifarm65.jlab.org"; more interactive nodes will be added using this 
alias as usage increases.  Use the tag "OS: centos65" in your batch job 
submission scripts.

Send questions or issues to helpdesk at jlab.org, and/or your Hall 
Computing Coordinator. All feedback welcome.

Happy computing in 2015!

*From: *"Sandy Philpott" <philpott at jlab.org>
*To: *jlab-scicomp-briefs at jlab.org
*Sent: *Tuesday, November 11, 2014 1:28:14 PM
*Subject: *New farm14 nodes adding ~2500 cores

JLab Scientific Computing Users,

The 104 new Physics nodes for the data analysis farm cluster have just 
arrived (well, except their power cords, coming tomorrow). These farm14* 
nodes are dual Intel E5-2670v3 (Haswell) 12 core, 2.3 GHz, with 32 GB 
DDR4-2133 memory -- the leanest memory configuration in the farm (less 
than 1 GB per job slot on serial jobs). They will run with as many slots 
as experience shows they can handle, based upon statistical measurements 
in actual running.  Their network includes 20 gigabit Infiniband DDR for 
I/O to the Lustre and ZFS filesystems. Their initial installation in the 
F112 Data Center begins this week.

This farm node installation will add a total of 104 * 24 = 2496 cores to 
the existing 1400 core farm.  We will be working with early users to 
identify the correct operating system and kernel to install, then move 
the systems to production mode as their burn-in proves successful.  More 
details to follow.


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