[Halld-offline] Set "Run Type" on Run Start

Paul Mattione pmatt at jlab.org
Tue Jan 20 11:05:09 EST 2015

I’m going to ask the online group to implement a system where the shift takers can indicate a “run type” during run startup.  This would be a drop-down list where users could specify whether the current run is a daq test, cosmic run, production run, etc.  This will make it much easier to sift through the data later.  

So my question to the offline group is: What kinds of “Run Types” would we find useful?  My first-pass:

 - Production Run
 - DAQ Test
 - Cosmic Run
 - Pulser Run
 - Zero-Field Run
 - Empty Target Run
 - Misc. Test

What am I missing? 

 - Paul

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