[Halld-offline] run-dependent magnetic field settings

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Thu Jan 29 08:45:14 EST 2015

Hi Sean,

  Great! We have needed this for a long time. I do wonder though if we should maybe have it exit if
there is no CCDB entry for the run being processed (as opposed to using a default 1200A map). A 
message could be printed telling the user how to specify the map on the command line so they could
run the program again, but forcing them to pay attention to what is going on. If we automatically use
a default, I could see someone losing a lot of time not realizing the wrong map was being used.

Just my 2 cents.


On Jan 28, 2015, at 6:05 PM, Sean Dobbs <s-dobbs at northwestern.edu> wrote:

> Hi Offliners,
> I just checked in a change where the magnetic field map to be used by one of the standard DANA programs (e.g. hd_ana/hd_root) for a given run will be pulled from the CCDB.  If the information in the CCDB cannot be found, it will default to the standard 1200A field.  Any magnetic field settings passed as command line parameters will still override this setting.  Hopefully this will reduce the amount of bookkeeping that will need to be done when analyzing data taken during the commissioning running.
> I have loaded the CCDB parameters for the runs taken last year to the best of my understanding.  Let me know if any changes need to be made.
> Cheers,
> Sean
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