[Halld-offline] New sim-recon release: 1.0.0

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Sat Mar 14 21:41:13 EDT 2015


I've tagged a new release: sim-recon-1.0.0 .

Find the release notes at 
https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Sim-recon-1.0.0_Release_Notes .

The directory structure of this release is a bit different at JLab. I am 
trying to move more toward the structure supported by the gluex_install 
scheme. Now the BMS_OSNAME directory serves as the GLUEX_TOP directory. 
We have four such directories at JLab now, one for each of the various 
platforms we are working with at the Lab. These are under 
/group/halld/Software/builds . The setup script:


has been modified to work with the new scheme.

This change does not effect anyone's private build. If you are 
independent of the public builds, then this is obviously true. If you 
rely on some of the public packages, your build will still be OK since 
none of the old packages in the old locations have been touched. If you 
want new versions of packages in the public build however, you need to 
look under /group/halld/Software/builds/$BMS_OSNAME .

A note on the version name for sim-recon: the version specification is a 
number and not a date. There are advantages to both schemes. We did not 
have a full discussion of this switch. Long story short, the switch is 
reversible, clearly. My personal view is that this way is easier to to 
keep in short term memory.

   -- Mark

Mark M. Ito, Jefferson Lab, marki at jlab.org, (757)269-5295

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