[Halld-offline] Useful Git links

Naomi Jarvis nsj at cmu.edu
Fri May 15 10:44:31 EDT 2015

Some web links FYI

Gitting started:

How to organize things:

How to make patches:

I claim no credit for finding the above; Bryan M sent me the links some
time ago.


> On 05/14/2015 03:57 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I've done a trial port of hdds and sim-recon from our Subversion
>> repository to GitHub. These are just for fooling around for now; think
>> of them as scratch copies of the repositories. Our Subversion repository
>> is not and will not be affected by these git repositories.
>> If you are interested in messing around, the git repositories are
>> available at
>>     https://github.com/markito3/hdds.git
>>     https://github.com/markito3/sim-recon.git
>> To get a local copy of a repository, you say
>>     git clone <URL>
>> at the shell command line, where <URL> is one of the two above. Git must
>> be installed on your machine, of course. A new directory will appear in
>> the working directory. Note that this gives you not only the latest
>> "trunk" version of the files, but all of its history and the most recent
>> tags (I went back 5 years) on your local disk; that is just what git
>> always does. The magic is the .git directory in the top-level directory.
>> There is no way to push changes back upstream with this initial set-up.
>> For now, that lack is a "feature". Also note that I am doing this from
>> my personal GitHub account for now, another "feature". Baby steps...
>>     -- Mark
>> P. S. There are lots of resources for learning about git on the web. One
>> I found useful is http://git-scm.com/doc .
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