[Halld-offline] new work disk for Hall D

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Oct 19 08:31:40 EDT 2015

Reminder: we will lose write-access to our work disk (/work/halld) 
tomorrow (Tuesday) from 1 pm and on into the evening.

On 10/15/2015 03:08 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> Please take a look at the message from Dave Rackley below. To summarize:
> * We are getting more Lustre-based work disk space.
> * We need to stop writing to the work disk on Tuesday, October 20 at 
> 1:00 pm.
> * The disk will be available after the maintenance period that evening.
> * The link /work/halld works now and should work after the switch. 
> Other ways of referencing the disk will stop working after the switch.
> * Desktop machines that mount /work/halld may have a problem making 
> the transition without a reboot. If you have problems on your desktop, 
> submit a CCPR.
>   -- Mark
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> Subject: 	CCPR 112479 UPDATE (more work space for Hall D?)
> Date: 	Thu, 15 Oct 2015 13:51:17 -0400 (EDT)
> From: 	ccpr_reply at jlab.org
> To: 	marki at jlab.org, strosahl at jlab.org
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> ychen at jlab.org
> Here is an update to the help request you submitted.
> When you reply to THIS message, Please DO NOT include the original text below.
> Mod Date:   2015/10/15
> Mod Time:   13:51:06
> Mod User:   rackley
> Current State:   WORKING
> STAFF Manually changed from (rackley) to strosahl.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Mark we are intending to complete the relocation of /work/halld to
> the lustre area on the Tuesday. Kurt will
> be performing the work. The batch farm currently has a reservation
> set on it that begins at 1:00pm that day to allow batch farm jobs
> which may modify the area to complete.
> You will need to make sure and notify users that access to the area
> will be turned off at 1:00pm so that no modifications can be made while
> the final rsync is occurring. Access to the area will then be made
> available after rsync has been completed and configurations have been
> verified.
> Also remind your  users that they should only use /work/halld to
> access the work area and not the direct path.
> There should not be any issues with farm or ifarm system access to
> /work/halld but there could be desktop issues that will need to be
> resolved afterwards.									
> --------------------------------------------------------------		
> Here is a copy of your Original Request:
> Email:marki at jlab.org
> Name:
> Username:
> Staff:	  strosahl
> Platform:
> Building:
> Room:
> Hostname:
> Subject:  more work space for Hall D?
> Request:
> We could use some more work disk. We hit 100% today. Perhaps 3 TB more
> to bring the total to 17 TB from 14 TB?
> The following link will bring you to a list of open CCPR's
> http://mis.jlab.org/mis/ccpr/ccpr_user/ccprframe_user.html

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