[Halld-offline] Analysis Actions in ROOT DSelector

Paul Mattione pmatt at jlab.org
Fri Aug 12 17:28:59 EDT 2016

Hi all, I’ve just significantly upgraded the analysis actions for use in the ROOT DSelector. First of all a bunch of new ones were added, such as histogramming and cutting mass peaks, taking care of duplicate-checking for you. But more importantly, you can now add them to the DSelector like you do in the DReaction: 

Just create and register them (one-liner), and the DSelector will handle and execute them automatically. It will also provide statistics on how many combos & events survive your action cuts. 
Also, there are functions that will automatically determine whether a run was PARA, PERP, or N/A (if you have access to the RCDB), and will calculate the beam asymmetry angle (so far only for pseudoscalars). 

To get the new features, update your copy of the gluex_root_analysis repository and make a new DSelector to see examples of the new features in action. 

- Paul 

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