[Halld-offline] mc_generic CCDB variation

Sean Dobbs s-dobbs at northwestern.edu
Wed Dec 7 12:52:09 EST 2016

Hi Offliners,

As was mentioned in last week's calibration meeting, we have set up a
"mc_generic" CCDB variation, which contains a set of generic,
run-indepdendent constants.  The intent is that this variation can be used
for simple studies and should give the same results for any run number.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this variation

Meta information about each variation is now being stored in the CCDB, and
it's hoped that future version of the GlueX software will print this
information to the screen, to help in debugging problems related to CCDB

One more issue to keep in mind:  when modifying the CCDB, if you add
run-dependent constants to a table that's used for reconstructing simulated
data, then you should add a version of this table mc_generic without a run
range restriction.

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