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Sun Dec 18 07:45:01 EST 2016

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As reported on the halld-offline mailing list and discussed at the Run meeting this morning, some of the EVIO files appear to have corruption in the middle of the file. This appears in the form of bad length and header words for a "Physics Bank" which wraps a block of 20 events. 

A scan was done of the EVIO files on gluonraid3 with run numbers 21900-21982. Out of a total of 524 files, 19 were found to have this corruption. These were contained to 6 runs:


It should be noted that all of these runs reside on the 3rd partition of gluonraid3 (i.e. /gluonraid3/data3). It's possible that this is due to a bad disk used in that partition.


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