[Halld-offline] Run time ROOT Error

Bradford Cannon bcannon at jlab.org
Wed Dec 7 09:38:33 EST 2016

To all,

I have written a plugin that studies exclusive Phi production. When I run this plugin over a file, it causes this run time error:

JANA >> --- Configuration Parameters --
JANA >> EVENTS_TO_KEEP             = 300000    
JANA >> NTHREADS                   = 12        
JANA >> PLUGINS                    = Phi       
JANA >> THREAD_TIMEOUT             = 30 seconds
JANA >> -------------------------------
Fatal: cp == cp0+this->fNelems+ishift && btarp0 == btap+nbta violated at line 1392 of `/u/group/halld/Software/builds/Linux_CentOS7-x86_64-gcc4.8.5/root/root-6.08.00/math/matrix/src/TMatrixTSym.cxx'
Abort3k events processed  (14.3k events read)  2.0kHz  (avg.: 1.8kHz)     

I believe this error is directly related to the kinematic fitter since the crash does not occur when I comment those lines out. 

If anyone would like to reproduce this result; the environment that I use is here:

The plugin that I am using can be found here:

And the command that I run is the following:
hd_ana -PPLUGINS=Phi -PEVENTS_TO_KEEP=300000 -PNTHREADS=12 /cache/halld/RunPeriod-2016-02/recon/ver03/REST/011569/dana_rest_011569_079.hddm

Does any one have any idea what this error message means and how I can debug it?

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