[Halld-offline] What version number of the C++ compiler do you use?

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Jan 8 17:05:01 EST 2016

At the last Offline Software meeting we decided to poll the 
collaboration about the versions of C++ compilers being used outside of 
JLab. This is that request for information.

With the advent of C++11 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%2B%2B11), 
C++ compilers have been adding new language features over the past few 
years. The latest versions of Geant4 and ROOT6 now require GCC 4.8 or 
later. However, many of the Linux distributions we are now using, 
including those on the JLab farm, use GCC 4.4 by default. In particular 
RedHat 6 (at least as installed at JLab) uses 4.4.7. (The computer 
center has a 4.8 version available in /apps should we need it, but it is 
not the default.)

For the immediate future this is not a problem since our mainline code 
is wholly compatible with GCC 4.4. But the day will come soon when we 
may want to take advantage of the new language features, or indeed we 
may be forced to do so.

To plan for a future transition, we would appreciate a short email 
message, to the list or to me, letting us know what C++ compiler (it may 
not be GCC) and which version of that compiler you are commonly using. I 
will compile the results and publish them.

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